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Safari of Senses


Safari of Senses

Kenya is the origin of nature’s finest coffee containing more than 800 different aromatic compounds. Kenya’s Arabica coffee grows in well drained volcanic soils mostly around the snowcapped Mt. Kenya, Aberdare Ranges, Mt. Elgon, the Kisii and Ukambani highlands all which are very close to the Equator. The climate is never hotter than a European summer and never cooler than the best kind of European spring with a temperature range of not more than 19 ° C (35F).

Kenyan coffee is carefully handpicked, selecting only the red ripe cherries, which are later sorted to ensure high quality. Coffee production goes through a systematic protocol from seed to cup from nursery, farm, pulping, milling and grading. Further, 90% of all Kenyan coffee is wet processed and dried under the tropical sun to retain its natural taste, aroma and uniqueness. It is thus no surprise that Kenya Coffee gives such a deeply satisfying experience of life: literally taking one on a Safari of the senses.

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