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Kambusu Farmers Co-operative Society

This is a farmer co-operative in Matungulu District 53 Kilometers from Nairobi.

Parameter Details
Location: County and District Machakos county, Matungulu District.
Name of wet mills 1.Katwanyaa Factory

2. Kaukiswa Factory

No of registered members( men and women) per wet mill Katwanyaa Factory.

Men-546, Women-260

Kaukiswa Factory.

Men-1007, Women -370

Average Cherry Production 800,000 KGs per year
Harvesting Season May-August
Average Annual Rainfall 1000 mm
Average Temperature 24-27°C
Soil Types Red volcanic Soils.
Altitude 1500-1550 meters above sea level.
Cup profile A cup with medium acidity and a balanced smooth body with a nutty, chocolate, caramel flavors with hints of citrus.
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