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Mugaga Farmers Co-operative Society


This co-operative was registered in the 80s and is located on the slopes of Mt, Kenya. KCCE is marketing coffee from Kieni and Gathugu wet mills.

Parameter Details
Location: County and District Nyeri County, Mathira-East  District
Name of wet mills 1.Kieni

2. Gathugu

No of registered members( men and women) per wet mill Kieni: Men -652, Women-303

Gathugu: Men-348, Women-115

Average Cherry Production 535,000 KGs p
Harvesting Season June- September: early(fly) crop

 December-January: main(late) crop

Average Annual Rainfall 1160 mm
Average Temperature 24-27°C 
Soil Types Red volcanic Soils.
Altitude 1650  meters above sea level
Varieties Arabica: SL 11, SL 34, Ruiru 11, Batian
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