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Visit to KCCE by the Ethiopian Prime Minister

Recently, Kenya Co-operative Coffee Exporters hosted the Ethiopian delegation who were interested in seeing how Kenyan co-operatives function  compared to co-operatives in Ethiopia.   The very existence of Kenya co-operative coffee exporters is a testament of the potential in Kenyan co-operatives.

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The Farm to Cup Coffee Process

Planting Coffee seeds, commonly referred to as coffee beans, go through the following process at the planting level: They are planted in seed beds in large nurseries; Seeds on the nurseries that have sprouted are then moved to individual pots; From the pots they are planted on large fields. Shading and sufficient water supplies are important when the seeds are on the nursery beds and in their individual pots. The fields they are transferred to should also be moist for seamless transitions from the pots,

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Coffee Glossary for Beginners

Definitions of some of the most commonly used coffee terms. Acidity The sharp high quality characteristic of Kenya’s coffee as well as other high altitude coffees. NB: Acidity in coffee has nothing to do with pH factors, and coffee is a low acidity product ranging between 5 and 6 on the pH scale. Aroma The pleasant smell of freshly brewed coffee Barista A person who makes coffee professionally. Baristas have to be skilled/ to know much about coffee off by heart, for instance, the different

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